We Transform Your Creative Vision into an Effective New Media Presense

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Our mission is to help music industry professionals get more bang for their buck when promoting and developing their products, experiences and brand. We pride ourselves on being decent and doing the right thing for our customers at every fork in the road – of which there are typically a few before success comes into view.

Digital Solutions
To Boost your Success

Vertical Reach Networks was born from a combined love of music and extensive expertise in the field of digital marketing. Our founder team have more than 40 years combined experience in online ad inventory curation, media buying strategy, creative design and development, social identity management and building cutting edge technology to support these disciplines.

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Connecting & Engaging With The Right People & Platforms

Founded on a cornerstone of music love and a deep understanding of how music has historically reached its audience compared with how it does today, VR networks helps the world’s best musicians, promoters, press agents, managers and creative directors figure out how they can identify their target audience, reach them efficiently and economically, and how to retain their attention and build a brand to scale.

Global & Measurable Reach

Headquartered in London, with offices in Dublin and Lisbon, VR networks is your one stop shop for online brand identity management, creative consulting and development, campaign execution, and analytics and insights. 

We are always driven to deliver measurable performance and develop mutually agreed custom KPIs (key performance indicators) with our customers, because desired outcomes are always unique. We believe the cornerstone of any successful customer relationship is high touch communication. Transparency and going the extra mile in everything we do are the foundations of what we build together.