Social ABC – Always Be Current

We live in the present. We want to engage with people and have experiences that are fresh. If it ain’t current, it’s already lost some of its appeal. If I hear a really old track by The Faces that I didn’t know before, then great, I’ll listen to it and maybe even over-listen for a while if it’s really good…but I’m not going to try and track down Rod Stewart to congratulate him in person. Maybe I’ll go to see him next time he’s gigging but more likely I’ll congratulate myself on finding a gem and consign it to a playlist somewhere.

If I discover a brand new track online by a young band who I think are the bomb, I’m much more inclined to want to be part of the conversation they’re trying to have with me in the present. Having early adopter fans who are prepared to engage with what you’re doing right now is an essential part of organic audience growth. When I recently discovered the amazing new, raw sound that is Dublin band Fontaines DC, I couldn’t stop listening. It was so fresh and unlike anything I’d heard before. I found myself quickly posting, liking, talking about them online. I’m sure I must have told more than 40 or 50 people about them in person. If even 10 of those I told react in a similar fashion to me, you’ve got solid exponential organic growth right there – do the math.

Posting content on social is easy but understanding the implications of leaving content there that is outdated is not always obvious. Fresh content typically has higher inherent worth if we’re talking about an audience development context. Social media thrives because of the willingness of its user base to keep sharing content – the newness of that content is what makes it so shareable in many cases.

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